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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Brainstorming for Fun!

Hello Everyone,
Today is a new day and we have new goals! Now my focus is shifting onto the National MS Society Fundraiser that I have created. I am hosting a "Family Game Night" to support the NMSS through our team The Brain Farts. This will be my first fundraiser that I was completely in charge of, and I am a little nervous. At night I reach terrified. I wonder if anyone will come despite all of my advertising efforts. I figure this will be a complete bust or a huge success. You know me, plan for the worst and hope for the best.

I came up with this idea because I enjoyed the "Movie Nights" hosted at our elementary school. Families would come to hang out with each other. Originally I had decided to do that, but had trouble finding a venue. Also with worrying about technical difficulties, I decided to think of something else.

As I was brainstorming, I remembered the campaign by Hasbro to bring back "family game night". I always loved this idea because some of my best memories are from playing games with my mom & my grandma and all of my sisters. It was always fun and it slowed you down enough to put your focus into a game that allows you to interact with someone and have fun. And this time it's live & in person! So "Family Game Night" as a fundraiser was born.

We want to have simple games so families and kids can move between games & try new ones. Each game will have someone there to help with rules, set up and to referee, if necessary. Plus dinner with pizza, chips & a drink for $3! We'll have a Bake Sale, Silent Auction and 50/50 Raffle. All children will receive a gift bag to take home filled with some surprises and coupons from vendors who have sponsored us. For example, The Dairy Queen at 10 1/2 & Harper in St. Clair Shores, MI donated coupons for the kids for a free ice cream cone. The 7-11 on Masonic & Harper will be donating free Slurpee coupons. We have Ye Old Toy Shop on Harper between 12 & 13 Mile Rds donating toys for the silent auction. Secret Treasures Resale and Polka Dot Boutique on Harper between 10 & 11 Mile Rds is also putting a fun basket together.)
That's just the beginning! Come join us to find out more.

If you'd like to come to play or to volunteer, please let me know. If you'd like to donate money or prizes to help, or food or drink donations, my email is I believe if we can get kids there to play, they will learn more about what MS is and have fun!!

With every new idea,I feel more alive and at my purpose for having MS. Advocating & educating people is a journey I feel passionate about. Next year I have many ideas to try, but I think I will space them out a bit in 2013. ;)

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