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Monday, November 30, 2009

Brain Spin

Well BCN insurance has denied me AGAIN for Betaseron. I am trying to fight it, but my doctor's ofice doesn't call me back to let me know their plan. It is so frustrating! I am still taking Avonex because Dr. Beall knew what I went thru last time, so he didn't want me to be without anything. I received some information last week about a case management nurse thru BCN. Kinda a liaison between patient, doctor & insurance co. I have emailed her and hopefully she can help me. Not giving up. Trying not to storm into doctor's office and blow up. I know Dr Beall doesn't know that this is happening to me, but how can I get to him when all my access is thru voicemails? I'm not giving up. I just wish my brain would stop spinning... Happy Holidays!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Frame of Mind

Hello Everyone, I saw Dr. Beall Last week and I wanted to update you. I did send the letter about my concerns of the office staff. I have heard nothing about it. So we shall see. As far as my MRI goes, Dr Beall said they see 2 lesions on it. I asked if these were the same ones as before or new ones. He suggested that he could look at it more closely with the specialist from Saginaw again. He said that he only gets the report from the technician and didn't personally see it. I asked him to arrange to view the films with the specialist. He cautioned me that this will NOT change his treatment of me, but will only give me the answer of whether or not I am progressing more towards a definitive MS diagnosis or not. He said some patients want to know asap and others assume they will find out soon enough. I guess you know where I fall. I want to know. So, he has to have the films transferred to a DVD and then take them to Saginaw. This may take a few months, but because there is no urgency, I need to be patient. I said let's get the ball rolling and I will know when I know.

Also, he is switching my injectable medication from Avonex to Betaseran. This is the original medicine he wanted me to take, but the insurance denied. It is an every other day shot, but is injected under the skin and not into the muscle like Avonex. He told me to continue Avonex until I actually get the Betaseran. He knows how long it took to work that out last time. So I agree. Been tired lately. Shaky on & off. Stumbling a bit. And the extreme numbness in my right leg and foot has returned. Oh, how fun!! Still staying optimistic. Looking forward to the holidays and seeing family & friends. Looking forward to a new medicine that may bring me a new frame of mind...