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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taking Charge ( A Poem)

Taking Charge (A Poem)
Today, MS, no matter how hard you try
I will stand up to you and wish you goodbye.
I know in my heart you are a part of me,
But you won’t be the only part others see.

I am stronger than you;
Even when you knock me down.
I will triumph over you;
Even as I hit the ground.

I can adapt to my new life,
Though my old body may be gone.
I can move forward
With a new outlook, I’ll move on.

Find a new perspective,
A new approach, a new view.
Find a silver lining,
And control what I do.

I will rest when I need to
And I will take care & time;
To make sure I am healthy
And not lose my mind.

I’ll live my life
And experience each day.
To find a smile, to be grateful
Laugh, Love and pray!

For I am my own strength;
My own advocate it’s true.
No one can steal my joy,
For it is inside all that I do.

Smile thru my tears,
Laugh at the pain.
Find new friendships
I never thought I could gain.

Believe in your heart
You are strong enough too.
Because YOU are in charge;
It’s your life to renew!

~Tammy Malkowski ( January 12, 2011)

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