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Monday, November 30, 2009

Brain Spin

Well BCN insurance has denied me AGAIN for Betaseron. I am trying to fight it, but my doctor's ofice doesn't call me back to let me know their plan. It is so frustrating! I am still taking Avonex because Dr. Beall knew what I went thru last time, so he didn't want me to be without anything. I received some information last week about a case management nurse thru BCN. Kinda a liaison between patient, doctor & insurance co. I have emailed her and hopefully she can help me. Not giving up. Trying not to storm into doctor's office and blow up. I know Dr Beall doesn't know that this is happening to me, but how can I get to him when all my access is thru voicemails? I'm not giving up. I just wish my brain would stop spinning... Happy Holidays!!

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