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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Brain Farts Team Walked...

On Saturday, April 28, 2012, The Brain Farts Team & I walked in Bloomfield Hills, MI to support the National MS Society. It was cold. It was rather chilly. It was 43 degrees. It did NOT rain, so I will take the cold. Once we started moving it was fine. It was colder standing around waiting for the NMSS to begin the opening ceremonies.

Before we arrived at the walk site, I received an email asking our team to lead the walk because our team had the largest amount of registered teammates. Go Brain Farts! As if that wasn't enough, I was asked to cut the ribbon to begin the walk. Wow! Me? Really? Thank you. Thank you so much. I felt pretty honored.

We had 29 registered walkers for our team. Not everyone was able to walk that day, but I believe there were 25 of us Brain Fartees walking. Now the route they laid out was a little up and down, like, hmmmm, uh. Oh! Hills! Wait. Bloomfield Hills. Bloomfield HILLS! I get it! Lol ;) It was very pretty and the houses were an incredible site to see. With the exceptional random car that decided NOT to slow down after we were crossing in the road. We did look both ways & no one was coming. Within the hills were many curves and blind spots. What can you do? Not everyone has a cheery disposition.

The volunteers were amazing! They were helpful from beginning to end. I only made it half way again, much in part because of my friend, Kelly, who joined our walk. I had to walk next to her and catch up. I had to ask her "Wheelchair Hotie" booty to slow down. I'm not on wheels here, Girl. Let me keep up! So, I did make it to the halfway point. There was a vehicle that had stopped there for walkers who needed a ride back to the finish line. Thank you & a big shout out to FORD MOTOR COMPANY for donating the vehicles for the NMSS walk!!!! Apparently they do this for all of the walks thru out Michigan. It was a very comfortable ride in that brand new Lincoln. Paul & I rode in style, my friends!

The rest of my team made it the whole way and I learned on Sunday evening that not only did we meet our new goal of $4,000, but we exceeded it! Last check was $4,424 and that does not include the money any of the team members turned in at the walk site. The Marchetti brothers raised a huge amount of money for the NMSS and our team. Close to $1,200 combined. Wow! And we still have a few fundraisers coming up. Our teammate, Jaime Peralta, is raising money thru her work with donations for a "Casual Friday" in May. My family is hosting a "Family Game Night" Fundraiser on Friday, May 18, 2012 from 5-8pm at St. Athanasius Church in Roseville Michigan. All are welcome to attend! More to follow on that one. My point is we may make $5,000!

It was a wonderful day for our team and just as the other 2 walks we've joined hold their own memories, this one will have many of it's own. I cherish them all! Thank you so much to all of my teammates, my supporters, who donate from their wallets AND their hearts, and all who love me from near and far. My heart swells with pride and love! Thanks for another successful walk!!!

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