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Friday, June 15, 2012

Rocking My Mind All the Way to the Looney Bin

I think I'm being punked. I swear to God. I go to see Head neuro today. Not only do I "have MS". I can get steroids for the flare I'm in and they moved spinal tap up to help with seeing where progression is. He said what I've always known, that my MS is in the early stages so I'm not progressed enough with MS for the STUDY. Are you kidding me? Screw the study! I'll never volunteer for one again.

He says that even my MRIs have never really been bad enough for a classic MS case. Again, I know this. I have always been early on. He tells me he'll continue treating me as I have been because I respond well to what they've been doing so far. Until this crap hit the fan.

So Spinal Tap, Tuesday 9am. Steroid Infusions, W, Th, F. Before he leaves he says, "But if you stay in this mood we're gonna have to talk about counseling." I said, "THIS is not ME! YOU all did this to me! I'm happy and upbeat!" The nurse looked at him and said, "She's right. This isn't like her." Thank you! Oh and I'm allowed to see Wendy. Apparently that was never supposed to be a problem. Either I'm insane or I've been punked.

I'm offline til Monday. I'm exhausted! Happy that I don't have to stress about this anymore. Aggravated I've been forced into a flare, but happier or calmer anyway. Oh, and Research girl, gone! I guess she's been gone since I last saw her. Good riddance! Now you're fair game. Sleep with one eye open. Muhahahaha. I don't even know where she is, but I can pretend for a minute.

I will be sleeping this weekend as much as possible and then it's off to crazy land following steroids. Woo Hoo. Good times, folks. Happy Father's Day Weekend to all the good dad's out there. And to my husband, the best father I know, I love you <3 Thanks for standing by me through all of this.

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