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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On Second Thought

It occurred to me yesterday, that I'm not sure WHY I'm giving into these tests. I mean I know I've been being pressured and felt as though I had no choice in the matter. The fact is, I do have a choice. It is MY body after all. They may still push me to do them, but I can at least try to push back.

Once in this thought process, I was lead to even more logical choices that had eluded me before. This MRI was during screening for a clinical trial. A clinical trial that is SEPARATE from my documented health care. A clinical trial that is meant to stay PRIVATE and any findings are to remain that way as well. So, if this MRI, that I'd already established before the results were read would need to be repeated, was meant to stay PRIVATE, then there is nothing to question.

Now the Head neuro may argue this, but I have a couple of suggestions for him. Repeat the MRI, if you are concerned. That's the reason you are even questioning my dx. Repeat the MRI. In addition, he is NOT my trusted neuro. He is my neuro of record because his PA-C works under his supervision. At the time thought that was Wendy. Not anymore, you now have a new PA-C and Wendy works under another neuro.

One thing I have learned is I have the power to change the name of my neuro with a simple phone call to my Primary Care Provider (PCP). I can easily switch to the other neuro and now I have Wendy back. I know she is leaving to finish her residency after she passes her boards, but I had already put a plan in place to insure this does not happen again. I want a sit down meeting with myself, Wendy and new neuro going over my history, my dx, my fears and my treatment plan. If we can all be on the same page that SHOULD help avoid this from happening ever again. (But I digress & have gone off track here.)

My other areas of defense are, I have my dx from my Optho-Nuerologist and my original Ms Specialist, Dr. Beall. My records all support my dx of MS. If I have to leave, I can. I make it sound simpler than it will be and it truly is not the option I want to exercise. I would prefer just to switch to Wendy and be done with this nonsense. Now let's see what happens.

I intend to try and get a phone consultation with Wendy. If that doesn't work then I will make an appointment with her for a consultation. I'll take a 10 minute conversation and pay my co-pay for it. One way or another I will talk to her and find a way to make this right. She may still try to convince me to follow through with their testing, but she will need to find some VERY good reasons to make that happen. One way or another I am going to return to the active participant I usually am in my healthcare. The bullying has come to an end Folks. Tammy woke up and found her spine. Game on! Bring your best because I am ready for the fight of my life.

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