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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mind Retreat (No, Really. Go!)

This week marks the last week of school for my little ones. Kristina will finish 4th Grade & Paul will be done with Kindergarten. Wow! They aren't so little anymore. *sigh* But I digress. This is their last week and coincidentally was my first week where I really didn't have anything to do. I have a neuro appointment on Wednesday, but that was it. Or so I thought...

Then the crazy last week at school schedule was presented to me.
*Monday: Kindergarten Field Day for Paul (10-2pm)
*Tuesday: 4th Grade Field Day for Kristina (10-2pm)
*Wednesday: The aforementioned Neuro appt.
*Thursday: Kindergarten Awards for Paul (9:30am)& 4th Grade Awards for Kristina (2pm)
*Friday: Half Day for both.

Really? REALLY?! C'mon! I know. I know. I don't HAVE to go to these events, but I do. I have always gone for Kristina with Paul in tow. This is his first year doing all of these things, so no bailing out now. I've established a pattern. Stupid pattern.

Alright, I don't really hate going or think it's stupid, I just was looking forward to a little extra "Me time" before I have kid & Mommy time 24/7 for the next 12 weeks. I jokingly yelled at them for sucking all of the time out of MY week. I was laughing, but still a little serious.
Oh, and I forgot to mention this one. It's Kristina's BIRTHDAY on Thursday too! 10 years old! It has NOT been that long yet. *sigh* #2.

So where does the "Mind Retreat" come in? So happy you asked me that. This is the first year that I can remember when the Field Day event was not extremely humid or in the 90's. I would have to leave early or keep going to sit down to rest. When I would find a seat it was always at the opposite end of where the kids were competing or I would find one close and their turn to switch to another area would come & THEY would move. That has not happened this year. Yeah!

It was 68 and beautiful for Paul's day. Even had moments of being slightly chilly enough to wish for that Spring coat I left in the car. I was able to watch most of what Paul did and I remembered my camera to take pictures too! So happy that the weather pushed my MS slightly to the side so I could beam proudly on the side.

Another thing in my favor was the fact that Dave & I had to run a few errands before we went to Field Day. Of course, I was moving slow because MS still is lurking and we didn't get there to see the morning events. We arrived at lunchtime & stayed for the afternoon ones. I say "in my favor" because I could honestly say to Kristina this morning, "We will be there after lunch to see you compete just like we were for Paul. Yeah! No rushing through my morning. *happy sigh* #3

As much as I wish I had more "Me time" this week, I am grateful that my lifestyle and situation allows me the freedom to be there for these moments. We don't have a fancy house, or flashy cars. We don't go on long vacations to far away places or have designer names on our clothes. I traded all of those possibilities for the basics and to be here for our families "little moments" that are quickly becoming the most precious ones. I am happy for that blessing in my life.

I have MS. I have Multiple Sclerosis. That is so true and many times it's in my face no matter how much I try to ignore it. MS is just one small part of me. I am so much more than MS. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, an aunt, a mother. I love to read, go scrapbooking, cuddle with my kids while we watch movies. I love to have mornings with my husband over coffee and breakfast to talk about our day or our week. I love to have lunch dates and phone dates with my friends. I love to be a shoulder for my loved ones and a confidant to many more. I am a born helper, listener and "Mom". I can be stubborn and controlling when I want things to be perfect, they never are. I can be emotional and strong. I can be bitchy and sweet. I can be a team player or lead the way. I am beautiful inside and out, even with my fuchsia flowery cane at my side. I am Tammy and I have MS, but I am more. So much more.

MS thank you for the brief Mind Retreat during Field Day. I enjoyed it. Feel free to extend it to a vacation. I'm serious. No, Really. Go!

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