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Friday, October 21, 2011

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Brain Blog

Hello & I'm Sorry, This will mark the first time I have been away from blogging for so long. This post is meant to clarify & explain my absence. My family was in the process of remodeling & redecorating our new home while trying to sell the old one. Meanwhile, we were trying to accomplish all of this before actually moving in. Needless to say this Summer, I did nothing but work on the new house with the only exception coming when I had to clean the old one for a "Showing" to prospective buyers. From June 10th to August 19th, all I did was deliver my newspapers, come home to eat then head to the new house to clean (it was pretty dirty when we bought it), sand basement stairs, strip paint off the stairs to the 2nd floor, strip paint off Kristina's closet door (it was tiger orange and would not go quietly), paint every room, no, every surface of this new house, lay tile in the basement/laundry area, clean up all the drywall dust, paint the basement stairs, refinish the hardwoods for the 2nd floor stairs, plus run every errand and set up service calls for appliances, furniture, carpeting, drywall guy, electrician ... I am tired just reading it all again. We moved all of our furniture & most of our house on August 20th. Then the new house looked like an episode of "Hoarders". I couldn't unpack because now we had to make the old one clean & move in ready. That took about a week. Meanwhile, we were pushing aside boxes to walk thru the new house & trying to find items we needed that were still packed. We finally sold the old house & closed on it on September 30th. So that stress was lifted, and I could now concentrate on the new house. I finished unpacking on Saturday, October 15th. There are still a few doors that need painting and some of the moldings too. I also need to put a 2nd coat on the basement steps. That is all waiting for now. MS has thrown me into a full blown flare & am on IV steroids now. So MS has forced me to sit down & now I have time to update you all here. So we now return to your regularly scheduled brain blog...

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