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Friday, October 21, 2011

Brain Free

I wanted to update you all on how my physical therapy (PT) went this Summer. I started the end of April finished on July 19th. It was amazing how wonderful I felt when I was done. Yes, I said wonderful. I hadn't felt that good in years. The people at Theramatrix in Eastpointe MI were incredible. My head physical therapist was Rachele, and she did more than just get me "good enough" to send home, she made me better. Every time I improved on an exercise or task she would find a new way to make it more challenging or she would replace it with a new one. I not only improved my balance, but I was getting stronger. I also went to PT because of severe tension headaches. My "Pain Management Specialist" doctor had to give me steroid injections into my neck to loosen all the tension that was there. Then he ordered Myofascial Release which I discuss in my post on April 14, 2011. That really helped. I never knew I could get rid of the tension in my neck. It has always been there, even after a massage. It helped so much. At the end of my PT, Rachele added in exercises that coordinate a Bosu Ball into it. If you aren't familiar, this is an exercise ball seemingly cut in half with a hard surface on the bottom. I can push my foot into/onto it for lunges, I can flip it over and use it as a balance board, I can do all sorts of exercises to improve my balance, strength, and coordination. I also began using MS Yoga in March and that has done so much for me. When I use it, my muscles feel less tight and tension leaves my body. I feel more energized and feel like I can better manage my MS. Both programs, PT/Bosu Ball & My MS Yoga, help me gain a sense of control over my body and feel like I can better manage my symptoms. Possibly even lessen the flare time or number of occurrences. This would all be really helpful to me now if I hadn't let my body down by not making my health a priority. I was so focused on "finishing" our new home to move in, that I kept putting off my own needs. I honestly didn't believe it would take so long to be done. It was like running through quicksand. In August, I could feel some effects of the lack of PT and Yoga. I told hubby that I need to get back on track, but I kept putting it off. September came & symptoms began to get worse. October came and I knew I was in a "mini flare". Now the "Mini flare" is a full blown MS Flare. I have had 2 days of IV Steroids, but now they had to stop due to a bladder infection. So I have to take meds & resume IV Steroids on Monday. I am trying to rest & take care of myself, but it is hard when you have 2 kids & responsibilities at home. I just have to take my own advice & make me & my health a priority. I told Dave that I need to look at my PT & Yoga as a necessity for our family because when I go down the whole family is effected. He agreed. As soon as I get stronger from this flare, yoga & Bosu Ball are back. I will start slow, but I need to add it back in. I am going to include the link for the yoga dvd, in case anyone else would like to try it. It is free! I love that it has all different levels and anyone with MS can get benefits even if you can't stand up. The instructor never lets anyone feel bad for how little you do. He always says, "Do what feels good to you, on THIS day." I love that! Here it is: So, so long for now, but you won't be brain free for long. I will not have a lapse between posts like this last one again.

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