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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mind is Spinning

Sorry I have been out of touch. It's been a weird month for me. Some days great and others...not so great. I received my handicapped parking tag. It's "temporary" for 6 months. When I inquired the nurse informed me they rarely give out permanent tags. I responded, "Do you know something I don't know? Cuz if MS is temporary I think I should be informed." She didn't laugh. Oh, well. I see Dr. Beall on November 8th so I'll ask then. Maybe he'll laugh at my joke. I thought I was funny. But then again, I usually do think I am funny.

I was having even more trouble with my legs thru the month of September. Especially my right one. This pain would spread down from my hip to my calf. The best way I can describe this new pain to you is this: Remember when you were in school and you would raise your hand? After waiting your turn for a while, your hand would begin to hurt and the longer you kept it there the more support it needed and the pain grew. This is how my leg feels, except I can't put down my hand to alleviate the pain. Only sitting with my feet up helps. As soon as I stand it returns. This will definitely be brought up at my next appointment.

My tremor has lessened. It is back to returning only when I am really tired or have over used it. Dr. Beall will be happy to hear that news. Overall, my fatigue is not as strong. I have had some days when I could barely stay awake. Especially the last 2 days, but I feel okay today. I have had more leg "jumps" lately. All of a sudden my leg or foot will just jerk one way or another. This only happens when I am sitting or resting, but it's a weird feeling.

We are in the process of getting our townhouse ready to put up for sale. Having a son & a daughter share a room will be acceptable for so long. Eventually privacy will become a real factor. Since they are both under 10 the hurry isn't great, so I figured it's the perfect time to get the ball rolling when there is no immediate need. We will be staying within the same townhouse community, just moving to a 3 bedroom instead of 2 bedroom. We love it here! Frankly, I wish we had the extra bedroom because I love the unit we already own, but wishes like these don't come true. Facts are facts and we need to do it. Getting the house ready is a task in itself. I need energy to accomplish this. Plus to inform my family that keeping our home clean is about to become a bigger priority. I'm not sure they are truly prepared for that.

I am still trying to be upbeat and keep smiling. One indication of my health lately would be my lack of Facebook time. I realize not everyone has joined this group or finds it a daily part of life, but I have. It has allowed me to meet many new friends and to find support for MS from people who understand. If I'm not checking in during the week, then people know I must not be feeling myself. I actually missed hosting my shot parties for 2 weeks! This is a huge deal for me since I am there every other night with a rhyme about giving our shots with an invite to do ours together. I did host one last week, but I've missed 2 more this week. Hope I will be hosting on Thursday night.

I actually missed my shot altogether last night. That's a first for me. I couldn't get up the stairs and the kids were asleep. I leave my supplies next to my nightstand and I just forgot earlier. I will resume my normal schedule tomorrow. I will check to see if there is anything else I need to do, but I don't think so. The way this past few weeks have gone. Good, bad, up, down, I feel like a child's toy top. My mind is spinning from all the changes. I'm done with this ride. Time to get off and try a new approach. Come on, Body and follow my lead!

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