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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Darkness & Light (A Poem)

Darkness & Light (A Poem)

Today, I woke and wondered what I would find.
Would MS affect my body or just my mind?
Surprise implies something good or fun,
But MS truly doesn’t offer either one.

Although a surprise is not knowing what to expect.
I still approach my morning with a smile; not regret.
I could be sad or angry over what my health has brought.
I believe that God has given me a path and I cling to that thought.

I rise before the sun & I try to find my smile;
Even when each step I make feels like a mile.
MS brings me a challenge that I try very hard to meet.
I struggle when MS is at it’s worst and start to think I’m beat.

There are days I feel I can’t go on.
That MS is too much to bear;
I wonder how I will find my positive spirit
Or even the strength to even care.

Dwelling on the struggles & challenges MS can bring.
May be some peoples approach, but for me, it’s not my thing.
Each day brings my body a new surprise.
I never know what will come as the sun does rise.

In my mind, I decided, how life was supposed to go.
Health, conflict and relationships effect how we grow.
I may be unable to do many of the physical things,
But no one has a guarantee of what their life will bring.

There are many ways to deal with stress or obstacles thrown our way.
I choose to find the silver lining to help me face my day.
No one can tell me how to live, my life is my own, that’s true.
Having a positive attitude gives me control and focus over what to do.

So I may visit the dark places in my mind,
To cleanse my spirit and leave the negative behind.
But I cannot stay here, this place of remorse.
Dwelling on pain throws my heart off course.

I’ll take care of my heart, the good & the bad.
Happiness is just as important as being sad.
Face my anger, face my doubts,
Face my fears and scream and shout.

When I’m finished, I’ll return to the place
Where I count my blessings & put a smile on my face.
Here is where I’ll find my heart,
My happiness, my place to start.

Begin your day with your own surprise.
Find your smile as the sun begins to rise.
You’re in charge of how you feel.
Be bold, be loved, be strong & be real!
~Tammy Malkowski, 11-11-10

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