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Monday, July 5, 2010

My Mind is Racing

Whew! What a crazy 2 weeks! I started with my whole right side feeling numb, mostly my arm & leg. It was super hot & humid, so I wasn't feeling well anyway. The heat cause MS symptoms to flare up. It can make me feel nauseous, lightheaded and feverish. It increases fatigue and trouble focusing, as well as balance & weakness problems. When I say my arm & leg are numb, my best explanation for that is I can "feel" them, but it is like when your foot falls asleep before the pins & needles begin. When you walk on it, it feels weird and numb, but you could feel if someone pinched it or you were hurt. It is as if it's sensations are fading away.

So the numbness lasted a little over a week at that level and then began progressing. It spread to my left side and became worse...meaning the numbness seemed more pronounced. I was beginning to be scared. I didn't know if it would stop. Was something progressing permanently? Was I losing my legs? I didn't think so, but the fear & anxiety made me question alot. After the 3rd day of it getting worse I started to leave messages for my neuro. After the 3rd message, I got a call for me to come in. My neuro wasn't there so I say someone new. Her name is Dr Morrison and she was very nice. Beautiful too! Not that that matters, but it was notable.

She examined me. Looked over my history, commenting how thick my chart is. Talked over what had been happening the last few weeks. I also am having trouble getting a full breath. Wondering if this is the "MS Hug" I hear others talk about? She decided to order another MRI of my brain and spine for July 11th. She gave me a prescription for two new drugs, Gabapentin & Nortriptyline, for the tremors, numbness and nerve pain. She said they work together for MS patients and their symptoms. The tremor in my right hand has been worse and coming around more often. It was so bad one day I think I shocked my daughter a bit. She also ordered blood work to rule out infection as a precaution. She also gave me a prescription for physical therapy for my arm & leg. I have to call & set that up this week.

My anxiety is gone. I'm not allowing my mind to race over the worse case scenarios anymore. I just started the meds, so we shall see if they help. Symptoms are still present, but my smile has returned because we are looking and testing to see why this is happening instead of just ordering more steroids & hoping it'll go away on it's own. I believe she is checking to see if the MS is progressing or not.

I will keep you posted and remember when your mind is racing only you can make it stop by taking action. So hear that Brain? Your race is over!! Sit patiently and let's see how this plays out. Love to all!!

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  1. I hope you are starting to feel better! Gabapenten is strong stuff. Kev took that for his head a year or so ago. Let us know how your tests turn out!


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