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Monday, July 26, 2010

Understand (A Poem by Tammy Malkowski)

If you don’t understand MS,
Could you just trust me?
If you don’t “get it”,
Can you just love me?

If you can’t see what I’m going through,
Can you just believe me?
If you can’t understand my pain,
Can you just comfort me?

If you can’t find a way to fix it,
Can you find an ear to lend?
If you don’t know why this happened,
Can you help my spirit mend?

I love you for trying,
Don’t ever forget.
The effort you’ve put forth,
Please don’t regret.

I have this disease
And I have confusion.
Just don’t ever think
MS is some illusion.

Can you love me anyway?
Can you be my friend?
You may never understand it,
But MS is a part of me in the end.

~By Tammy Malkowski, 7/26/10

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