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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

S.O.S Sending a "Flare Up"

It has not been the greatest week. I had been feeling more fatigued last week and some weakness on & off, but I went into a flare-up late Sunday night. It's been a rough week. My right side has been weak, my toes numb, stumbling alot, and my right foot has wanted to drag along. The exhaustion has been overwhelming and the pain in my legs and arms hasn't been a picnic. Still trying to keep my spirits up, when I'm awake. Poor Dave has had to pick up most of the slack this week cuz I've been sleeping so much.

I saw Dr. Beall on Tuesday. He prescribed the fatigue medicine, Provigil. Now, I'm waiting for Blue Care Network to approve it. As usual, nothing comes easy with this. He agreed to call BCN to fight to get the Betaseron approved, so that's good. I heard him ask the nurse to get them on the phone. Of course, then I heard her ask if she could do it after lunch, so who knows if it got done? The BetaPlus people called today to send out my next, free, one month supply while we wait.

I started my 1/2 dose of the Betaseron last night, from a 1/4 dose. I told that to Dave this morning. He said, " I can tell cuz you look like crap." Thanks, I feel like crap. They ease you into a full dose to help your body adjust. I'm sure the flare-up doesn't help.

When I saw Dr. Beall yesterday, he had my MRI copies on disc and was prepared to take them to Saginaw to review with his specialist. I see him again on March 3rd, so I will see what he finds out then. Also, my letter that I sent to the head of the neurology department is right there inside my file! Open for ANYONE to read. I asked him about it. he said, "Oh, your letter. I read that. Good for you." I said, "Can I have it back? I don't want to be lynched." He said, "No. It's good to have it there. Keep them on their toes." Great. I'm gonna be lynched. This should truly improve my care. I noticed the nurses seemed hesitant with me, so I was EXTRA nice. Maybe my imagination, but how could I not be thinking that? I am a nice person. I just would appreciate a call back within a week and with the right info. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is.

I was feeling really bad this morning, but now I am able to sit up and type this, so hopefully that is a good sign that this is coming to an end. S.O.S. Sending a flare up for a better! ;) Keep smiling, keep moving forward, keep believeing in yourself!

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