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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours

Hello All!

A friend shared this link with me on you tube. It is a woman with MS who went to a mall and questioned people about MS. She gave them the opportunity to "put on the MS costume" and experience for a moment what the physical symptoms of MS feel like. I thought it was really well done and gives an accurate picture of how many people with MS feel. I have experienced and continue to experience many of the symptoms with the exception of the "MS Hug" which she tries to illustrate with the belt.

She isn't able to show the cognitive symptoms such as slurring, or not being able to find a word you know or short term memory loss. All which are just as frustrating. But she does help people get a better view of our world.

It is less than 9 mins long, so if you are curious how MS feels watch her cute video clip. You can copy & paste the link below or go to and put "the show must go on MS" in the search box. So this is a way I can show you a little of my world. Thanks as always for all your support!

Love, Tammy

ps I would like to thank Kristie Salerno Kent for putting this together and helping family and friends try and understand. Thanks!!


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