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Friday, January 29, 2010

Mind Numbing

Hello All,

The last few days, including today, have not been good. My arms and legs keep going super numb. It is kinda scary to me. I can move my arms and legs, but before I do it feels like they are completely asleep. I shake them just to make sure I CAN still move them. It scares me that the feeling could go away and not come back. This hasn't happened to me in a LONG time. The numbness is there often, but not at this level.

My right arm is 80% numb and my left one is about 60% numb. My right leg is almost 90% numb and the left is 75% numb. It is hard to do my route because it feels weird walking on feet you can't really feel. I guess I would liken it to when your foot falls completely asleep & then you walk on it. Except there are no pins & needles and no sensation that the feeling is coming back.

I was afraid to drive yesterday and I was even nervous to walk to get Kristina from school. I made it there and back though. I did my route this morning & really I was able to drive and walk, but I couldn't wait to finish. I'm even having a hard time typing this. I keep having to go back & correct the wrong keys I've hit.

I guess today's post is not so humorous or uplifting today. My mind is numb like the rest of me. I'll keep smiling and hoping the feeling comes back soon. Thanks for listening/reading. Love to all!!


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