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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Traffic Jam

It's been one week since the first shot. I will give myself shot number two tonight. What a crazy week! At first I experienced a little more energy, but since then my other symptoms have been slowly creeping back up and getting worse. I know that it isn't from the shot and that I really shouldn't see any real relief yet, but I wish I felt better.

I started getting my blurry and double vision again on Friday & Saturday. By Sunday I was having bladder issues again. I almost didn't make it a few times! So I added my Ditropan back in for Sunday & Monday. (That helps, supposedly, with the bladder urgency). Monday I started getting tired/fatigued again. By Tuesday, I was in pain and tired and weak. That escalated on Wednesday. The pain seems more from my Fibromyalgia, which really hasn't bothered me in a while. I think that is acting up because of the rain this week, but that is only a guess.

Today, the pain is better, but the weakness and fatigue are really strong. Also, my balance problems have been bad the last two days. I look like a drunk delivering the paper. I often wonder if anyone sees me and thinks that is why I have this job, so I can hide my drinking problem. Thank God for the cane, it definitely helps to steady me when I feel like I'm weaving in & out of life. Like my own personal traffic jam. All the nerves jumbled up and sending the wrong signals to each other. Beep! Beep! Let us through! Tammy needs to function properly! Hopefully, I will see some progress soon. Dr. Beall did say it would be about a month, so I will stay positive and have patience. No road rage on the MS highway...

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