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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hop of Faith

Three shots are officially under my belt. No results yet, but I am staying positive. People keep telling me that I look good. My answer is "the wonders of make-up and a positive attitude." ;) I do have faith and patience that this medicine will eventually work. If this one, Avonex, isn't the one for me then maybe it'll be one of the other medicines that do the trick. I refuse to give up on my hope that my life will return to some normalcy. Some other friends with MS that I have spoken to said it took several weeks before they noticed a difference on their shot therapy, so time will tell. I believe I am in a bit of a relapse and that is putting off the relief. Lately, I have been really tired and in a lot of pain, but I keep smiling and "just keep swimming". Never give up! I see Dr. Beall on the 27th so we shall see what pearls of wisdom he can offer to me. I am keeping the faith for now. I may be too tired and disorientated to take a full leap of faith, but I probably can manage a small hop of faith :) Hop on Baby!!!

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