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Monday, December 22, 2008

Read My Mind

Well, I have been anxiously awaiting news of when the Clinical Trial for CIS/MS would begin. Apparently, my patience shall be tested further. The meeting did not happen as planned on December 17th. It has been rescheduled for January 14, 2009. They intend for the screenings to begin the following week. So, patience, patience, patience. <>

At least they aren't canceling the whole thing, which is what I thought at first. I've waited this long. I just really am curious to see my new MRI and if it has changed or not. Since I am feeling worse, I thought maybe there would be evidence of that on the MRI. Who knows? My tests haven't cooperated so far. <>

I have been so exhausted this week. And my arms and legs have been continuing to go numb. I got that tunnel feeling and thought my legs would buckle, like they did on Thanksgiving, this morning. I just sat down before it went too far. Paul sat down with me and cuddled in my lap for a while. So we waited for it to pass and got up again. The end result is while I am waiting for them to start reading my mind, I will sit and have patience, but I will keep getting back up...

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