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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brain Fart

Well, yesterday I had a brain fart. Well, I will call it that, whatever it was, it freaked me out at the time. I was out running errands for about an hour and a half. I drove to the dollar store and went inside for a cart. Once I got the cart, I turned around and all of a sudden I didn't know where I was. For like a minute, I was like what the Hell. Then I recognized the store I was in and I kinda panicked a bit. I was like "why am I here, why am I here... " I took a deep breath and I remembered driving there. I thought, "okay I came here for a reason, you just need to remember...please, remember." The whole thing lasted only about 2-3 mins, but it was a little scary. I finally remembered why I came there and I shopped for what I needed. <>

I don't know what happened. I know that you can have memory issues when you have MS, but I don't know about disorientation. Anyways, the rest of my errands, I walked around like the damn Rain Man. In Kroger, "OK, now let's go get the eggs." "OK, we have the eggs, now we need the butter." "How many stick butters do I need? 2lbs? Yes, 2lbs. OK, what's next." Mind you I was alone. So much for not being crazy. Ha Ha Ha!! I liked the Rain Man Movie, but you know, I don't wanna walk around looking for Judge Wapner and the People's Court! <>

Today I made cookies with my mom. That was nice and relaxing. Now I am pretty wiped out, so gonna get some rest. It is really important to rest. Isn't that when your brain cells re-boot??? Let's see how that goes...


  1. 12-14-08 My Sweet Tammy!
    I am with you and will be here if I can do any old thing to help and support you!
    Jason's Mama, Maria

  2. My sweet friend Tammy ;)
    I am here for whatever I
    can do, a silly word or
    two, prayers(automatic).


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