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Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Be My Friend & I'll Be Yours (A Poem)

Be My Friend & I’ll Be Yours (A Poem)

MS is inside my body
And a little of my heart,
But it isn’t all of me,
It is a small part.

There are definitely days
It seems so huge
That it can consume me
And make me it’s stooge.

I will rise above all it does
And show you my heart
That I am still the same
And the most important part.

Of course I need
Friends & Family to understand
To stand beside me
And to hold my hand.

Just don’t forget the strengths
I have that you knew before
Don’t label me only with MS
And shove the rest of me out the door.

I can still laugh and smile
And care about you
I am still your friend
And love to share what you do.

I still love to shop and hang out
As well as gossip & confide
I still love to giggle & laugh
And stand by your side.

I have my sense of humor,
My smarts and my doubts
I have my intellect
And the crazy advice I spout.

Remember I have MS
So I know you understand
But forget when I want to be me
And enjoy all our plans.

MS is a struggle each day,
But that’s just one thing.
I struggle to never lose
Myself & why I wear his ring.

We choose our spouse, our friends,
And partners for life;
Our Family is who God sent
To support us in times of strife.

Never knowing who’ll stay or go
When fear or judgment gets in the way.
Sometimes friends become family
And true blood fades away.

For the ones who stay
A part of our lives.
You choose us, but we choose too
And help relationships survive.

Keep me close in your heart
And close by your side
We are joined in trust
So together let’s enjoy the ride.

~Tammy Malkowski (3/5/2011)

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