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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Neuro Update The boring version ;)

Hello Family & Friends,
I had my follow up neuro appt today. The good news: I have NOT advanced from Relapsing/Remitting MS to Secondary Progressive MS, which was a concern of mine. That is good.

My MRI results are as follows: Brain: 2 Lesions (no change), Thoracic Spine: No lesions. & Lumbar Spine: No lesions. Neuro "On paper, you look good. In person, by clinical examination, you look terrible."

VEP (Vision Evoked Potentila) Exam: My left eye came back looking as if I have Optic Neuritis, or an "MS Eye". I am being sent to an Optho-Neurologist.

I am getting 3 weeks of Physical Therapy again through the month of April. I also, see the Pain Management Specialist in April.

They did see I have 3 "bulging discs" in my neck & are concerned it may be causing the tension in my neck and the headaches. She claims they are not a real cause for concern & don't require meds or surgery. Also, there are 2 "herniated discs" in my lumbar spine. If serious they could lead to weakness, but she said mine are not constricted enough to be causing mine. She believes it's the MS.

She gave me 2 different kinds of pain patches to try for areas of bad pain. If I like either she will write a prescription.

She suggested I switch injections from Betaseron to Copaxone. The differences go from injecting every other day to everyday. Also, the new one doesn't cause flu-like symptoms, but has more on site reactions. She would like me to switch. She said, "But another neuro could look at your MRIs & say leave her alone, she's fine." She continued with "I am concerned that you are not only bad, but worse this time." She said the choice is mine to switch and there are no guarantees I will do any better. I have had no new lesions since being on Betaseron & in fact, have 2 less now. My concern with switching is if this doesn't work I graduate to hard hitting drugs with side effects like Cancer & Brain Disease. I asked when I need to decide. She said I can take all the time I need.

I decided to wait a month. I am going back after the physical therapy. I want to see if anything else makes a difference before I make a big change like this.

So, I think that is everything. All PT & Appts are in April and conclude on Good Friday. More news after that.

Love, Tammy


  1. Have you tried chiropractic, Tammy? I have been going 2-3xs per week for 6 months and it has helped a lot.

  2. Hopefully Good Friday brings Great news! <3 Best of luck <3


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