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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Erase Your Mind

Update: Had a follow up neuro appointment this week. Dr Beall finally read my MRI from October. GOOD NEWS!! I have 3 LESS leisions!! That means the Avonex was helping. However, I am not on Avonex anymore. I am on Betaseron, so we need to do another MRI to see how that is working. The Betaseron is better on my body that is for sure. Almost all my side effects from it are gone. Some injection site reactions on & off and ocasional nausea.

Dr Beall says we can take the MRI anytime between now & the end of the year, it is up to me. I see him again in August, so I will decide then. No hurry. It is just for curiousity's sake.

I discussed the new swallowing issues & the hand tremor. He seemed more concerned with the hand tremor and advised me to watch it. If it continues or worsens, he wants to know. He said this would indicate advancing of the MS. He also invited me to a seminiar he was speaking at this past Monday. I was unable to get a babysitter due to unforseen circumstances, so unfortunately, I missed it.

He wanted to use me as an example of beginning stages of MS to compare with some of his more severe patients. Very flattering...and disappointing I couldn't attend. It was at Lucianos...MY FAVORITE!! **SIGH**

Overall, I am still doing pretty well. The hand tremor comes and goes. My right foot has been dragging when I over do it. And pretty much all my symptoms are like this lately. If I do too much, I show symptoms, but no flare-ups for now.

So, my injections are proving to be the mind erasers they are told to be. Well, at least fror the leisions. 3 Less is good. Hopefully, the new tremors aren't inndicative of new ones coming. But we will stick with the positive note until we can knbow for sure. Love & kisses to all!!

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