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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brain Change

Hello Again after too long,

Well, contrary to what I reported in May, my doctor is NOT appealing the decision. My pharmacy was misinformed, although I guessed this prior to confirming it. It just seemed too smooth of an accomplishment for this office. So, I was then informed by my pharmacy that my neurologist decided to go with the insurance and prescribed the Avonex anyway. This is not a surprise to me since it was originally an option we discussed. So after another month of waiting and a lot of paperwork, the nurse is coming today to train me how to give myself the shot. Finally!!! This shot, Avonex, is given once a week into the muscle by myself. The symptoms can come on stronger, but are supposed to dissipate over time. The results are the same with both Avonex and Betaseron, just every patient is different and responds differently. So wish me luck.

The side effects are flu-like symptoms, tiredness, weakness, achieness and chills. But I am supposed to combat that by taking the syringe out of the fridge in the morning to allow it to warm up. Also, I take Ibuprofen an hour before and drink lots of water that day. The nurse claims there is a 50/50 chance I will get the symptoms, although I have read differently. However, no matter what they should disappear in as little as a month or as much as 6 months, so I will let you know how it goes. So at 3:00pm today, I will be learning to give myself a shot and will begin the process of feeling better. Thank God!

Love to all!! -Tammy

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