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Friday, February 10, 2012

Super Brain!!

Hello Everyone, How many of you decide that "today. I can do more!"? How many decide to push further than they should because you WANT to do more? How many have felt the twinges of warning & doubt and ignored them? And the result of all of this ends up being overwhelming fatigue & even resentment towards your body.

I think we all have done this, MS or no MS, but with MS the ramifications can be worse. Most of the time I am all about listening to my body. I tell many others to listen to their bodies because no one knows your body like you do. Our bodies have to be our number one priority. It may sound selfish, but truly it isn't. If our bodies go down, so do many other things effected by our fall.

I came to realize that this past Summer when I was not making myself a priority. I knew my New Year's resolution would be to put myself first, but even deciding that I felt selfish. When I thought more about it, I realized I am actually doing my whole family a favor. If "Mommy" isn't well then dinner doesn't get made, kids don't go to their after school activities, I need more naps, and the house and our family just do not get the attention I want it to get.

So I pace myself & I offer to help when I can, but not to overdue it. In the MS world we all need a Plan A, a Plan B and, just in case Plan A & Plan B fail, a Plan C. If we take control and know what signs to watch for or know which situations are not good for us then we can strive for better health and avoid undue side effects.

On the flip side of this, we don't want to feel like we are being babied or handled with "kid gloves". When people are being "careful" around us or scold or reprimand us for taking on a task then we can become resentful towards them. In reality, most are trying to look out for us because they worry. And that is good on some level because at least they ARE paying attention & that shows they care about us. With so many people wishing that their friends and family would take ANY interest in them and their health, we can find some solace in this.

We are adults and we are capable of doing more in our lives. We also are in tune enough with our bodies to know when we should say yes or no. We aren't super heroes, although being "Super Brain" would be fun. We aren't china dolls either, although some days it feels that way. We have some issues that just need to be handled with care. In the end, we should do what we want and just take the necessary precautions. When someone tells us to sit down or take a break or that we shouldn't do something, just remind them that you know your body and you are paying attention to it. Don't forget to thank them for caring, because even when we don't need them to worry, it's nice to know someone does.

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