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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Short in My Brainwaves

Update from Neuro: I saw the neurologist today, but not the head of the practice. The woman I saw I guess works in conjunction with him. I don't really care because I really liked her. The one thing I notice in this practice is when you see the women neurologists things actually happen. The last woman neuro I saw I got new meds to help me and started physical therapy. This neuro was nice and listened to me and really looked at me. My MS specialist is good, but sometimes I think he is more interested in proving how good he is then actually paying attention to what is going on with me. To be fair he has never seen me in a flare up because he hasn't been at the office when I have come in for an emergency appointment. So we will give him that credit.

Okay, back to my neuro appointment today. After my examination, this neuro wants to give me an MRI of my brain, a thorasic MRI and a Lumbar MRI. The first two are most important and the last one we can wait on until after she reads the first two. Did you get all that? Ok. Moving on. Next she wants to get a new Evoked Potential Vison Test. I haven't had one of these since I was first seen for problems in 2008. In addition to blood work to check for low Vitamin D levels, she wants to send me to their pain management specialist on staff to see if he can help me in that area. She is concerned that some of my pain may be coming as a result of the tension in my neck & shoulders.

She also agreed with me that the nerve pain meds need to be increased and claimed I was on a "baby" dose compared to what some of her patients are on. So she is upping it a little to see how I do at first and then increasing a little more after that. Still no where near the max, but hoping that will help with the burning pain, but also should help with weakness & numbness. The last thing she would like me to do is be fitted for a leg brace for my right leg. I will pause for a moment as you take that in. I am not exactly thrilled at this scenario. She says that it will help me to not trip or fall because it will keep my foot in a position to not drag or "drop". Yippee. A leg brace. Woo Hoo. Okay, this is not hte worst thing that could happen to me, but it still isn't great. I will deal with it. Maybe it can help? Maybe it can't? But I will try.

So there you have it. You are all updated on my short in my brainwaves. I will report back after all the tests are done. I am supposed to go back and see her on March 14, 2011. Until then be well, be happy and smile like you did something naughty. It will keep the neighbors talking and they deserve to worry, right? I'm not worried so let someone else freak out about their own paranoias. ;)

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