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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Brain Temporarily Out of Order

I just wanted to formally let everyone know that I am currently working on finishing my book. In order to get it ready for publishing, I need to put all of my energy into that right now. As soon as it is finished I will return and truly put a real schedule for my blog in place. In the meantime, please feel free to go back over previous posts & topics I've blogged about. You never know what you may find that can help you feel a little less alone. Thank you for all of your patience and I will return ASAP!!!
Love & Kisses! Tammy

Friday, January 4, 2013

Brainy Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year to you all!! Sorry for the delay in my posts. I'm sure you all are learning that when the holidays come around my posts become fewer as I become busier with family, etc. This holiday season, I decided to cut back and move a little slower and prepare sooner. This worked overall. I ordered my Christmas cards early and shopped earlier. I only baked 2 kinds of cookies and no chocolates. I planned on making my chocolates & baking one more kind of cookie, Cherry Blinks, my favorites, but I ran out of time. I only mailed half of my cards and missed some of my gift giving.

I'm disappointed because I wanted to do these things. On Christmas morning, my husband woke me up to deliver my newspapers, and the first words out of my mouth were... ... well, I'm ashamed to say this because on Christmas morning I should be thinking better thoughts, but the truth is in that moment, I wasn't. So, the first words out of my mouth were "I am so pissed off." He said, "Why?" assuming I was upset I had to work. I said, "Because I did everything right. I paced myself & I didn't overdo it. I took care of myself & I am still exhausted. So it was like it was for nothing. I'm exhausted & I didn't do everything I wanted to do." *sigh*

Mind you, Christmas was a good day otherwise. I saw all of my family between Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. My children were very appreciative of their gifts & they were generous to me as well. My husband took them to buy the "Nook" simple touch for me. I'm happy to have it because I can adjust the font to help me with reading when my eyes are blurry or double vision. Thanks to my dear friend Kathy, letting me know about this feature because I was against not holding real books in my hand. This way I can do both.

With this New Year I have made my resolution, as I'm sure all of you have as well. Last year was "the year of me", I was to put myself first. For the most part I did do this. My favorite change was setting up "phone dates" & Facebook "chats" with friends out of town and coffee dates in town. I still have a few friends I need to schedule time with, but my progress was much better. I definitely felt I had moments for me.

Back to my resolution for this year. I intend to continue to put me first, not only socially, but physically. I did NOT keep up with my MS Yoga and the tips I learned in physical therapy & that was a mistake on my part. When I follow these programs I can feel the difference. The confidence I gain with the strength and flexibility is priceless. It make me feel powerful over MS & to have that is something I need to cultivate. In addition, I'm going to become more organized in my home. I want to really purge the clutter and organize in a way where keeping my home clean is a much easier task. I realize this will be a challenge living with two children under the age of 10 years old, especially with one that doesn't see the value in keeping things orderly. I am up for the challenge and intend to encourage my family to be as "enthusiastic" as I am.

Whether you have MS or not, the new year inspires many of us to take a good look at ourselves. The best choices include steps to benefit ourselves in a realistic way. Start with baby steps to reach your goal. If you take on too much too fast, you're more likely to feel overwhelmed & unable to accomplish your goals. Decide what it is that you want then break it down and watch as success is your reward. Good luck & Happy New Year!! I hope you put your health & happiness first. <3